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Zellis Research 2023 (UK & Ireland)

What matters to manufacturing employees.

How to raise engagement and retention.


How can manufacturing combat labour shortages, skills gaps, an ageing workforce, and the demands of new technology?   

We surveyed hundreds of workers across the UK and Ireland to understand their needs, concerns, and priorities.

Discover these valuable insights for employers to tackle recruitment, engagement, and retention.

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What matters to manufacturing employees - how to raise recruitment and retention

What really matters to manufacturing employees?

71% of respondents rate training and upskilling as important.

33% are not feeling positive or motivated at work.

44% plan to leave their current role within two years.

29% would stay for longer if offered more flexible working.

In this 35-page report, you'll discover:


What makes employees feel more and less motivated


How they regard the growing use of automation and AI

c-check The varying needs and attitudes of different age groups
c-check Factors that encourage employees to stay in a role for longer
What drives employees to leave a role sooner
c-check Key recommendations for engagement and retention

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