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Zellis Research 2023 (UK & Ireland)

Under pressure.

How financial stress impacts employee wellbeing and productivity.


How are money worries affecting your people and their performance at work?

We surveyed 2,500+ UK and Ireland workers to learn how the cost of living impacts their wellbeing and working lives.

They revealed a surprising and concerning picture. Financial stress is taking its toll in the workplace.

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Under pressure - Financial wellbeing research 2023 (Part 1)

Counting the costs of the cost-of-living crisis...

77% of respondents have experienced financial stress this year.

45% of these are losing sleep and feeling tired at work.

54% say the stress from money worries has reduced their productivity at work this year.

In this 37-page report, you'll discover:


The 7 ways financial stress directly impacts work performance


Which employees are most affected by financial stress at work

c-check The link between financial worries, wellbeing, and productivity
c-check How small payroll errors can have a big negative impact
How payslips are failing employees — and what needs to change
c-check Solutions that will empower and educate employees

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