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Zellis Research 2024 (UK & Ireland)

Motivated change.

Employee attitudes to AI (and other technologies) in banking and insurance.


How can financial services organisations effectively prepare their people for new technology?   

We surveyed hundreds of banking and insurance workers across the UK and Ireland to understand their attitudes, needs, and concerns.

Discover these valuable insights for employers to drive better technology adoption and gain a competitive edge.

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Financial Services Research 2024 Zellis COVER

Do banking and insurance employees feel ready for AI and more?

62% are motivated by learning to use new technologies.

20% are frustrated by the technology currently available to them.

21% are concerned that their role is soon to be replaced by AI.

In this 35-page report, you'll discover:


The top 3 most effective motivation factors for employees


How to engage employees in larger organisations (1000+)

c-check The gap between tech productivity for banking and insurance
c-check Which tasks employees can trust artificial intelligence to carry out
Where AI hesitancy exists - and how employers should handle it
c-check Key recommendations for effective new technology rollouts

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