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Financial Wellbeing Research 2022 (UK & Ireland)

Employer's guide to protecting financial wellbeing for the workforce

How to positively impact employees' financial behaviours and decisions in tough economic times

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Amid the cost-of-living crisis and a wider economic downturn, your people need guidance and support to see them through.

Our previous report found that 83% of employees expect financial wellbeing help from their employers.

But what can organisations do to make a difference? The answer is: plenty. In Employer's Guide to Protecting Financial Wellbeing for the Workforce, you'll find practical guidance on how to support employees effectively:

c-check The problem with payslips (and how to make them better)
c-check 6 crucial areas where you should focus financial wellbeing efforts
c-check 9 ways to better support wellbeing, according to employees
c-check 3 essential components of a strong financial wellbeing policy
c-check Insights from leading HR, reward, and people management experts
How to measure success in boosting financial wellbeing

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Read Part 1 here: Financial Wellbeing 2022: Your Employees Are Counting on You.


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