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Financial wellbeing 2022: Your employees are counting on you.

Exploring the relationship between numeracy, financial wellbeing and mental health.

73% of employees in the UK and Ireland are now more worried about their finances than they were prior to the pandemic.
This is not surprising, considering we’re entering the most severe cost-of-living crisis we’ve seen in decades;
rising inflation, increasing costs of borrowing, soaring energy prices and stagnant wages are all combining to squeeze millions of households across the UK and Ireland.
Combine these with the knowledge that almost half (46%) of employees lack confidence when using numbers at work and in their everyday lives, and a very real, very pressing need for support becomes apparent.
In this timely and urgent report – the first of a two-part serieswe investigate the real-life experiences, concerns and anxieties faced by people across the UK and Ireland when it comes to their pay.
We’ve asked how people really feel about the support they get from their employersand where they feel it is most lacking.
Featuring a foreword from Gethin Nadin, Chief Innovation Officer for Zellis, and real-world insights from both senior HR experts and leading academics, this research is a must-read for anyone looking to understand what they can and must do to support their colleagues in the coming months and years.


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This free research includes:

Detailed statistics on the impact of poor numeracy on financial wellbeing and anxiety about pay accuracy.
How people relate to their payslips –and how confident they are they could spot errors which could carry significant consequences. 

fig 2-1
What employees think about the support they get from their employers on critical financial wellness topics.




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