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Zellis DEI Research 2022 (Republic of Ireland)

Diversity, equity and inclusion in the Irish workplace:

Deal with data discomfort to achieve real progress

An increasingly diverse workforce and growing competition for talent are making DEI more pressing than ever in Ireland.

But Irish employers are being held back by a combination of factors, from low data collection to employee discomfort with data disclosure.

Discover the employee perspective and what organisations can do now to build trust and enhance inclusivity.

It's all in our annual DEI report for 2022.

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Irish Workplace of Today takes a deep dive into how the world of work is responding to a changing landscape.

Learn exactly how employees think organisations are doing on DEI, where the problem areas are, and how it impacts their decisions about where to work:

c-check How many employers have improved diversity, equity and inclusion in the past three years? 
c-check How many employees have felt alienated and unwelcome in the workplace?
c-check How many employees said that DEI impacts whether they stay in a role or leave?
c-check How big is the gap between talking about DEI and taking real action to improve it?
c-check Which characteristics do people believe to have the biggest bearing on their career and opportunities? 
What specific actions can employers take to increase inclusion? 

The report shares results from employees across multiple sectors in Ireland — alongside expert insight from Aggie Mutuma, CEO and Lead Consulting Director at Mahogany Inclusion Partners and Dr Zaheer Ahmad, Global Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Haleon.

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This is Part 1. Part 2, covering more advice for employers, will come in early 2023.

For a version with responses from both UK and Ireland employees, click here.


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