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Best practice guide for Background Checking 2024


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Employers often see background checking as a mere formality, using a generic approach that doesn't truly account for the unique requirements of each role. However, taking the time to tailor each set of checks to the specific needs of different positions is far more effective.

Background checking plays a vital role in the hiring process, the seamless integration of new employees, and the smooth functioning of an organisation on a daily basis.

The advancements in background checking technology have resulted in significant progress, as providers strive to enhance recruitment safety and security for their clients. But how can you ensure that you are making optimal choices when it comes to your background checking process?

Within our best practice guide of background checking for 2024 we will cover:

  • What’s available – the good, the bad and the ugly
  • Providing the data
  • Share the risk mitigation
  • Seek the feedback and be open to improvement
  • Keep the conversation going

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Meet the speaker



Steve O'Neil

Director of Background Checking at Zellis

  • 25 years in Background Checking
  • Founder / Previous owner of Security Watchdog
  • Expert in Data Protection, Risk Mitigation, HR Tech and Background Checking