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Time to Act: Seven principles for effective DEI data gathering

Download first-of-its-kind research report featuring research and analysis by Economist Impact.


In this report, with research and analysis by Economist Impact, we combine the responses of 1,000 employees based in the UK and Ireland with the real-world experience of 10 diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) experts, to figure out what’s really holding back progress in delivering effective, data-led DEI campaigns.

It’s become much better understood how a more diverse workforce and inclusive environment increases company profitability, strengthens talent retention and attraction, and improves product strategy and development (see Boston Consulting Group 2018).

But the success of DEI programmes depends on detailed, quality employee data – something which is understood to be notoriously difficult to collect.

Analysing the survey results of 1,000 employees in UK and Ireland across five key sectors, this report reveals how surprisingly willing modern employees are to provide data in aid of DEI programmes – provided they trust their employers, and the data is collected in a considered way.

Our research compares the reasons why many organisations may struggle to collect good quality DEI data, to real solutions contributed by expert opinions on how businesses can overcome this problem.

Download to learn:

c-check What employees think about diversity, equity and inclusion efforts in the workplace
c-check Why trust is fundamental to securing the data organisations need
c-check The concerns employees currently have around data-sharing
c-check Seven principles any company can apply to improve DEI data gathering going forward

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