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Guide to payroll outsourcing

Download our free guide today and see if your organisation could benefit from outsourcing your payroll. 



According to research from our sister company, Moorepay, nearly two-thirds (61%) of organisations outsource part or all of their payroll operations.

But taking the decision to outsource isn’t something you want to do without proper thought, planning and complete understanding of the process. It’s important to know exactly what’s involved and what you should expect.

Our informative guide covers everything you need to know about outsourcing your payroll to help you make the right decision – including what to look out for and questions you should ask yourself along the way.

In this free guide to payroll outsourcing you will learn:

c-check The types of outsourcing available
c-check When outsourcing is right for your business
c-check The step-by-step process for getting starting with outsourcing
c-check What to expect from a fully and partially managed service
c-check What to ask yourself when choosing a provider.

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