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How to raise productivity and retention with financial wellbeing. 

Tune into this insightful roundtable discussion featuring an expert panel of industry leaders in HR, workplace health, and financial wellbeing, exploring these questions:
  • Why should employers take an interest in the financial wellbeing of their people? 
  • What happens to performance and productivity in the face of money worries? 
  • Is flexible pay (earned wage access) part of the solution? 
  • How does financial wellbeing impact engagement and retention? 
  • What’s the role of HR, shared services, and payroll teams? 

Watch the roundtable for valuable insights and actionable recommendations on financial wellbeing. 



Over 3 in 4 workers in the UK and Ireland experienced financial stress in the past year.

Our panellists discuss research revealing how money worries impact people’s productivity and performance, as well as their health and home lives. 


The vast majority of employees believe employers should provide financial wellbeing support.

But what can organisations do to improve the picture? Hear about the measures our panellists' organisations are implementing, with advice on which steps can make a real difference.


Almost half of employees want to be able to build savings directly from the point of payroll. 

It’s not all about one-off payments or pay rises. Many seek smarter solutions. The traditional once-a-month payday is being re-evaluated as more flexible options become available.  

Meet the speakers

Jacqui Summons
Gethin Nadin
Emily Trant

Jacqui Summons

CPO, EMIS Health; Non-Exec Director, Zellis

Gethin Nadin

Chief Innovation Officer, Benefex (a Zellis company)

Emily Trant

Chief Impact Officer, Wagestream