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Introducing Faster Payments

We live in a world where people expect everything to be instant. In our personal lives, we have digital access to our funds 24/7/365 via our smartphones, letting us make payments anytime, from anywhere.

Payroll payments, however, are still typically made through the traditional BACS process, which can take up to three days.

With our new Faster Payments solution, it takes seconds to make payments, rather than days – giving more control over funds and more working capacity to deliver excellence for employees.

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Why you can't miss our Faster Payments webinar 

checkbox-btn-checked Explore the evolution of how we pay people
checkbox-btn-checked Get an in-depth look at Zellis Faster Payments
checkbox-btn-checked Hear from experts at Zellis, Mastercard and Income Group
checkbox-btn-checked Understand how Faster Payments compares to BACS
checkbox-btn-checked Learn how Faster Payments benefits both your organisation and its employees
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Meet the speakers




Angela Clow

Zellis - Payroll Expert



Ian Wheeler

Income Group - CEO



Gregor Dobbie

Mastercard - CEO Vocalink


"Faster Payments is a key element of our vision to build a real-time, agile and data-driven payroll solution that meets the needs of modern organisations."

John Petter, CEO, Zellis  


Ready to accelerate your payroll processes?

If you’re interested in extending your payroll deadlines to provide a more accurate and agile service to your employees, you can find out more by downloading our Faster Payments brochure or contacting us at the link below.

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