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Managed Payroll Services in the era of COVID-19

Is it time for your organisation to explore managed payroll and HR services?



Did you know that nearly a third of organisations have struggled with payroll during the coronavirus crisis?

The impact of COVID-19 put many in-house payroll teams under immense pressure to continue providing both accurate and timely payments to employees. And for those teams that already struggled with limited resources or knowledge prior to the pandemic, that pressure only increased.

After such a challenging year, business leaders must now look to find ways of futureproofing their payroll operation. One of the most effective ways to do this is by using a Managed Payroll Service.

Our report explores the strategic, tactical, and operational reasons to deploy a Managed Payroll Service in the era of COVID-19 and beyond.

In the report you will learn:

checkbox-btn-checked How the pandemic has impacted payroll and HR operations
checkbox-btn-checked The importance of business continuity and resilience
checkbox-btn-checked Why driving cost control and efficiency should be a top priority
checkbox-btn-checked The true cost of compliance breaches
checkbox-btn-checked How a Managed Payroll Service can support your organisation

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