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Research report

Payroll and HR: from 'backroom' to boardroom

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Are payroll and HR just background processes, or key pillars of your employee experience and business operations? 

Our research report delves into the real facts and figures of why paying people has become much more complex and how the implications of getting it wrong are so costly, that payroll and HR should become regular topics of conversation in the boardroom.

After conducting a survey of 2,000 employees from large UK organisations we have unearthed some surprising results. Can you believe, for example, that one in five employees had cited a poor payroll experience as a key reason for leaving an organisation?

In this free research report you will learn:

c-check The avoidable costs of getting payroll wrong
c-check The increasing complexity of payroll and HR
c-check Challenges and opportunities on the horizon for the payroll and HR functions
c-check How to use your payroll and HR processes as a true business enabler

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